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A beach episode allows for some relaxation in the latest episode of Outbreak Company.

I can’t recall if I’ve already mentioned this, but I will here: it’s hilarious (and ridiculous) that Minori ships Shinichi and Galius so hard.  It’s hilarious because it’s pretty clear that Galius feels something for Shinichi.  It’s ridiculous because it should be obvious to Minori, at the very least, that Shinichi is enamored with Miusel and is quite obviously heterosexual.  It only becomes uncomfortable when she suggests that Shinichi wants Galius sexually like she does in this episode; otherwise, it’s just a cute quirk of hers.

This anime literally has no fourth wall half the time.  Shinichi tells us explicitly that this is a beach episode, in case it wasn’t already obvious.  He often says exactly what I’m sure a lot of us are thinking when we see something happen in this anime, which is a trait I really appreciate in characters every now and then.

There’s a very important development in this episode.  Roic cares about Romilda.  I repeat: Roic, an elf, cares about Romilda, a dwarf.  This is a huge, huge step in the right direction.  This is exactly what Shinichi has been trying to accomplish with his otaku school: egalitarianism.  It wasn’t so long ago (just a few episodes) that an argument between Roic and Romilda sparked a soccer competition that turned into a near-war between elves and dwarves.  But in this episode, when Romilda is hurt, Roic runs to his sensei with tears in his eyes because he thinks she might die.  And when he finds out she’s all right, he’s extremely relieved.  It’s interesting to wonder how he might have reacted if something like this had happened at the beginning of the series.

This episode also gives us another example of the JSDF soldiers acting suspiciously.  On some level, their excuse of acting as guards makes sense.  However, I find it highly unlikely that Minori knew nothing about this particular assignment.  On another level, their excuse of simply peeping makes sense, too.  But if they were doing that, wouldn’t it make more sense to admit it than risk either hurting Shinichi and the others or potentially ending up hurt themselves?  I don’t buy their reactions to being found out as simply “being surprised and confused”.  With only three episodes left, I hope we find out what the JSDF and Matoba are really up to.

Outbreak Company Episode 10 Preview

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