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This episode of Outbreak Company focuses mainly on the school of otaku culture, shying away from the potential political aspects of the series.

Shinichi begins covering dating simulators in his otaku school.  He mostly mentions dating sims with a target male audience, but I wonder if he also talks to his students about dating sims with a target female audience, or at least gives them access to them.  I guess it’s interesting that he plays a dating sim for his class so they can actually see what it’s like.  Imagine how awkward that could get, though, watching your instructor play a dating sim.

Wow, Minori really wants Shinichi to cover BL in his class.  I’m pretty sure he won’t, though, because…he’s a guy.  That’s just not something guys are generally interested in.  It’s a genre made by women for women, after all.  Maybe Minori will have to step in again and teach the class if she really thinks they should learn about BL.  Especially now that it’s apparently considered a mandatory part of their curriculum (because Galius is cool with it because he’s probably gay?).

“Is this like disastrously introducing a disease to people without impunity?” is potentially my favorite line from this series so far.  What did Shinichi think would happen when they started introducing otaku culture?  It doesn’t surprise me at all that the students became engulfed in it so quickly.  Otaku culture has something to offer everyone, really.

I’ve got to say, at the beginning of the episode when Elbia mentioned that drawing was something she did to keep “from doing something really bad,” it was obvious that it would come back.  I was sort of expecting it to come back in a later episode as a major plot point, but how wrong I was.  Of course it would be something silly like her being in heat during the full moon, rather than something potentially dangerous.  This is a comedy, after all.

Outbreak Company Episode 6 Preview

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