This chapter continues with Shirahoshi's struggle to save Fishman Island from being crushed by the Arc of Noah. At the end of the last chapter we saw Sanji and Jnbe team up to start fighting Wadatsumi and right at the end Zoro fighting the strongest swordsman on Fishman Island, Hyouzou. You also need to remember that Hody has stabbed Vander Decken in an attempt to force Noah to stop it's course and start it's fall which would inevitably crush the sphere protecting the island.

So what did One Piece have in store for us this week Let's review:

The chapter starts off by returning to the massive brawl in Gyoncorde Plaza, where the Straw Hat's are taking down every single one of the 50,000 enemies and Nami starts showing off her new clima tact moves, namely the "Lion Rod". She faces danger when Zeo turns invisible and stops her movement and Ikaros launches his Roasted Squid Spear (which sucks up all the water and leaves anything dry) only to have it intercepted by Brook who is already " Dry".

At the time Ikaros realises he's failed in taking out Brook, Franky appears still in his newly built robot and delivers a punch straight to Ikaros' face and then they proceed to officially start their fight and so do Brook and Zeo because Brook unknowingly stepped on his face. Elsewhere Chopper sends Dosun flying after a sneak attack from the ground and then as a bonus Usopp capitalises on all the holes Chopper and Daruma have dug to literally smoke Daruma out of hiding underground at which point they each start their respective duels.

We get a glimpse of Zoro easily defending against Hyouzou's attacks even though he's on those special fishman steroids that Hody's been eating like candy and is wielding what looks like 8 swords. And then we cut back to Shiarhoshi who is trying to steer Noah sideways, which Hody will not allow and tries to chase after her until he is grabbed by Luffy, but that doesn't make a difference as Vander Decken has finally passed out and Noah is now an a collision course with Fishman Island.

This chapter has definitely got me baffled about the fate of Fishman Island; will it be destroyed as Madame Shirley predicted or will the Straw Hat's manage to somehow stop Noah on top of defeating all the New Fishman Pirates. There is also more information regarding Noah that has to be revealed as King Neptune seemed to be in shock when he saw that it was moved, so maybe there's some significance there. Should be an interesting next few chapters!