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Hey Mina~san!! i'll be picking up the Weekly One piece episodes... Hopefully from now on..

What a great episode!! As usual i couldn't contain the laughter!! Whether it is a chapter or an episode, One Piece has never failed to amuse me!! Haha oh man!! That awkward moment Law had with Smo-yan and the G5 marine's, and their reaction when the kids, Chopper, Nami, Sanji, Franky, and the talking severed head of a samurai all come out of Punk Hazard and they did Franky's "SUUUUPAAAAAAAAAAH" motion and even Sanji did it with every one else, it was priceless!!  and Franky Tanks song scene was hilarious as well.

So we got to see just how powerful Law has become over the past 2 years, Jesus his room got bigger!! And the highlight of it all was that fact that he lifted up a warship along with the bottom of a river into the air!!! I wonder if he has mastered his fruit, but i have a feeling that this is the tip of the iceberg and we are gonna see a lot more hopefully later on in One piece. And even though i read the manga, I still was hoping to see more air time from Brook and Luffys team. Though i did  thoroughly enjoy the fact that the snowball samurai torso came rolling past Brook! And damnit Luffy!!  You can't just go around asking everyone and anyone to be your nakama.... oh wait maybe you can... hmmmmm.... yeah you can... And why didn't robin use her devil fruit to disable those guy on the shore?? I mean they could have easily gotten away if she used it! You know what, maybe her range hasn't been increased. Next weeks episode should be action packed and i do think we are due for another One Piece Opening.... soon i hope... I want a new One Piece opening!!  Onegai shimasu and ganbatte!!