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The latest episode of Noragami introduces us to another god as Yato is briefly reunited with his old Regalia.

It turns out that gods and Phantoms aren’t exactly invisible, but are just hard to notice.  They sort of fade into the background, like all the people you pass on the street and don’t really pay attention to.  This, of course, begs the question as to why Hiyori originally noticed Yato when he was nearly hit by that bus in the first episode, though.  What exactly drew her attention to him, when he didn’t seem to draw anyone else’s attention?

Apparently, Yukine doesn’t remember anything from when he was alive.  However, I’m pretty sure Yato has his memories or something like that, given the brief flashes we saw when he originally claimed Yukine as a Regalia.  This is even more likely when Yato reveals that gods and their Regalias share mind and body, so Yato knows whenever Yukine has a dirty thought.

We meet another god, Lord Tenjin, the god of learning, when he calls Yato to take care of a Phantom taking refuge at a nearby rail crossing.  And here Yato is briefly reunited with his old Regalia Tomone, now called Mayu as she has become one of Tenjin’s Regalias.  On top of that, both Hiyori and Yukine show much more reverence to Tenjin than they do to Yato, which causes the younger god to become annoyed.

Yato shows reluctance to stop the Phantom at the rail crossing when he finds out that it is causing people to commit suicide there, so Hiyori vows to take care of it on her own.  Of course, she ends up attracting the attention of a bunch of Phantoms who nearly kill her but for Yato coming to the rescue.  I have to mention that I am a huge fan of the music that plays whenever Yato fights.  It’s pretty amazing.

Character development ensues when Hiyori realizes why Yato ultimately decides to defeat the Phantom: because he doesn’t want Yukine (or any Regalia, for that matter) to see people throwing away their lives.  Regalia, after all, are spirits who still want to live.  Yato couldn’t stand seeing someone take their own life in front of a Regalia.  What a softie.

I have a feeling Yukine keeps complaining about the cold because it has something to do with how he died.  He seems to feel much colder than anyone else, in any case, needing a stocking cap and several layers of clothing in order to feel comfortable.  I hope we get to find out more about that soon.

Noragami Episode 4 Preview

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