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In the second episode of Noragami, we get some background on the world between Shores and Yato picks up a new Regalia!

The beginning of this episode gives us a lot of discussion of Phantoms through the eyes of Hiyori.  We also get a brief recap of the first episode’s important events—namely, that Hiyori was in an accident that has left her only partially tethered to her physical body.  And we find out a bit more about Yato, like the fact that he’s apparently a god of war.  I never would have guessed that, given the odd jobs he often spends his time doing.

With the number of times there has been focus on the “Storm,” an air of gloominess that Phantoms like, I’m sure it’s going to end up being important somehow in the future.  It definitely seems like some pretty intense foreshadowing.  I have a feeling it has to do with more than just the brief importance it has in this episode.

It’s important that we get to see some of the odd jobs Yato does in order to receive money and try to gain followers.  It’s really interesting to see the things he’s willing to do for anyone who asks for his help.  It also helps to show that he’s not as lazy as he might otherwise appear.  His approach to Hiyori’s problem, or lack thereof as of this point, might make him seem too lazy to actually want to do anything for her.  Seeing these odd jobs, though—finding Milord in the first episode and cleaning the bathroom in this episode—definitely proves that he’s not lazy.

The hands-down coolest part of this episode, though, is when Yato finds a new Regalia.  He spots an uncorrupted spirit, that of a teenage boy, and speaks an awesome spell to give him a name and make him into a weapon.  He names the boy Yuki, and he becomes a sword for Yato to use.  It seems like Yato absorbs his memories or something like that when he first wields him.  With his new Regalia in hand, Yato easily destroys the Phantom attacking him and Hiyori.

Yuki doesn’t seem quite as thrilled about belonging to Yato as Yato is to have a new Regalia, though.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the two of them grow accustomed to each other in the next few episodes.

Noragami Episode 3 Preview

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