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The genre-spanning, pseudo-historical action anime that is Nobunaga the Fool promises to be one of the more interesting anime this season.

This anime is an amalgamation of several genres: pseudo-historical, action, science-fiction, fantasy, mech, and a little bit of ecchi so far.  And it’s really intense!  I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s completely original, as there are several anime that have similar storylines of characters based on historical figures meeting others from different historical timelines, with wars being fought by pilots in mechs.  But Nobunaga the Fool is definitely different.  With such historical figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Jeanne d’Arc, Oda Nobunaga, and others, it incorporates several different historical tales into one new story.

It’s like a mix of Code Geass, Baccano!, and Escaflowne, with a little bit of Gurren Lagann and Gintama thrown in to the works.  It’s serious and intense, with a main character that’s a little bit off the wall and funny at times, but gets down to business when he needs to.  At this point, it’s a bit unclear what Nobunaga’s goal is, other than perhaps simply to create his own destiny.

I’m pretty sure this is one I’ll be sticking with this season.  It has an interesting premise, and I’m always a fan of these kinds of “what if” stories involving several historical figures meeting each other to save the world.  It reminds me a lot of Code Geass, as well, and I’m always up for more of that type of storyline.


Episode 02

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In true mech-anime fashion, it takes Nobunaga virtually no time in order to figure out how to effectively pilot Da Vinci’s Giant War Armor.  His prowess, along with the fact that Da Vinci claims only one man is meant to pilot this particular mech, is a sign that he is likely the Savior-King that Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc has been drawn to by the “celestial voice”.

The Brothers of the Round Table seem quite interesting.  I hope we get to find out more about them: who exactly they all are, why they’re all members of this group, how they’re connected, etc.  General Gaius Julius Caesar is clearly going to be a major antagonist in this series, given the fact that he’s volunteered to go after Da Vinci and Jeanne.

Hideyoshi (Monkey) obviously serves as the comic relief in Nobunaga the Fool, while Mitsuhide (Mitsu) is the cautious one of Nobu’s group.  Mitsu seems particularly wary of Da Vinci and Jeanne, since they’re from the Star of the West.  This makes sense, as the citizens of the Star of the West and the Star of the East seem to have a precarious relationship.

It should be interesting to see what kind of effect Nobunaga’s new Giant War Armor and friends from the Star of the West have on future events.

Nobunaga the Fool OP

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Nobunaga the Fool ED

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Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 Preview

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