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In the latest episode of Nobunaga the Fool, we see how Nobunaga deals with challenges both on and off the battlefield.  Admittedly, he deals with the former much more easily.

Nobunaga continues to show his skill on the battlefield in his fight with Shingen.  He’s definitely at a disadvantage in the fight—Shingen has had his Giant War Armor for longer, has had his Regalia for longer, and is definitely more practiced in the art of warfare in his Armor.  But Nobunaga refuses to give up.  That tenacity is definitely a good quality for a leader to have; it’s a shame his easy-going nature has caused his people not to believe in him.

To avoid having Nobunaga marry Queen Himiko immediately, Da Vinci suggests that they have a betrothal ceremony rather than a wedding.  This seems much more fitting for Nobu, because he doesn’t seem like the type to settle down in a marriage like that.  I’m making an early prediction that his younger brother, Nobukatsu, will be the one who ultimately marries Himiko.  Their personalities seem much more compatible, and a political marriage seems like something Nobukatsu is more likely to be okay with.

On top of that, it’s fairly obvious at this point that Nobunaga and Jeanne have feelings for each other, even if neither of them is ready to acknowledge it yet.  Jeanne’s reaction to his engagement is pretty self-explanatory, and she and Nobu nearly kiss in this episode before Himiko interrupts them.  Cementing their potential compatibility are Jeanne’s visions about Nobunaga, which seem to tie them together.

Da Vinci’s constant use of tarot cards to cryptically explain situations is interesting.  At the moment, though, I’m somewhat confused as to how these tarot cards are being used.  I hope we get some more specific explanation as to their use later on in the series.  It’s unclear as to whether the tarot cards are explaining specific situations or the overarching plot.

The episode ends with the betrothal ceremony for Nobunaga and Queen Himiko.  The ceremony is very over-the-top, thanks to Da Vinci.  It’s clear that Nobunaga has no desire to be there, while Himiko is overjoyed to be in the spotlight with him.  We keep getting hints at a time in the past when Nobunaga and Himiko met, although Nobu clearly doesn’t remember it.  How long will it take for that memory to be explained, I wonder?

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 Preview

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