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Is this episode of Nekomonogatari: Kuro the result of Kizumonogatari being delayed so much

I only ask because there was a lot of Shinobu in this episode. Understandable enough since she does play a big role in Araragi's life, and one thing I have noticed is her increase in appearances with each new monogatari anime.

Looks like Nekomonogatari: Kuro isn't all about Tsubasa after all. This episode follows the previous ones format and dedicated half of the episode to something random that's related to Araragi, before moving onto the Tsubasa half of the story. In this episode the story definitely progressed and without much involvement from Tsubasa; just her cat.

The events of Golden Week are unfolding, and we're finally seeing the cat we only knew for episode of Bakemonogatari in action. More of that ruthless behaviour coming out, setting the stage for the inevitable Araragi rescue, but not quite yet. We finally learn the true nature of Arargi's transformation, which for most of the series has been a big question mark. In the end, he's still human and he may have been bitten by a creature considered the King of Oddities, however that doesn't make him strong enough to handle the cat.

Good to see Oshino back on the screen. He too was at the core of all this, so his absence from Nisemonogatari was somewhat of a disappointment for me. He pretty much guided the story of the first anime, so it looks like he'll have a similar role in Nekomonogatari: Kuro. I have missed his presence in the series; never strong but invaluable at the same time.

With two episodes of Nekomonogatari: Kuro left, all we can do is sit back and watch what we've been expecting. This instalment won't be one of drastic and memorable things by the looks of it. It still is a nice and much calmer intro to the monogatari anime. A true prequel in many ways.