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This one came out in conjunction with the 5th Shippuden movie "Blood Prison" and is called "A Chunin Exam of Flames."

Very short review this time, since there wasn't much to really say.

I always did wonder what would have happened if Naruto had taken the Chuunin exam and I thought I were to never see the results of this but alas, Studio Pierrot decided to undertake the task of making this into an OVA.

Not much actually goes down in this short, pre-movie warm up but it was just fun to watch. I liked how Naruto and Konohamaru were pitted against each other and that it was more realistic that Konohamaru had absolutely 0 chance of succeeding in this fight, but the best moment in the entire OVA had to be when Tsunade tells Sakura to shut up; I've dreamed that one day Kishimoto-sensei would just have a character tell Sakura to shut up but that since that has yet to happen, I was so pleased it cropped up here.

The fight itself is entertaining and the conclusion of it is very befitting Naruto. Also considering that this OVA got subbed just around the time when the anime itself has entered the world war saga, the timing also added a nice touch in terms of story. All I can really say about this OVA was that it's good and entertaining as a side story and was better than all other Naruto OVA's so far.