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Well I have no idea why it has taken me so long to watch the second episode of a show which I have high hopes for. Maybe because I still couldn't find the time with university and my other 2 picks for the winter on top of manga and anime I was watching before. Still a good episode.One thing is certain from watching this episode, Mouretsu Pirates is taking a slow and steady approach as opposed to the other series of the winter which seem to have set higher paces for progression of their respective stories. Truth be told, this isn't a handicap for Mouretsu Pirates; since the setting is more complex and the world in which the story takes place seems to be big, it's good that the story is taking its time to explain everything.

This might bore some of you who want to see space pirates in action but the second episode is just laying down the foundations of the story, since the first episode itself barely scratched the surface with it's ever so simplistic and straightforward facts that were revealed. The most action that you'll see in this episode is Ririka teaching Marika how to fire an insane space weapon - giving a very exciting impression that the fight scenes will be very explosive.

Chiaki also gets to have a few more lines in this episode than the previous and in tsunedere fashion keeps educating Marika in areas where her knowledge is still not great (mainly subjects associated with space piracy) but somehow she also manages to end up in a second-in-command type situation when she and Marika try to find and take down a ship that has connected a wire to theirs using nothing bu electronic warfare.


The one thing I did pick up on was how subtle and almost forgettable some of the events that occur in the manga are. Like with Kane's conversation with a strange man, you can't tell whether it bears much importance to the story yet you don't really care so much. This migh possibly be the case because of the tempo that is set, that we care less about events like that.

Slow progression indeed since by the second episode everyone tends to expect action continuing from the first episode or finally action for the first time but I think the anime's on the right track. Sure not much happens in each episode but that's only temporary and is better than rushing the story. Furthermore, since the anime is planned for 26 episodes, I can definitely say that this makes it even more exciting when I think about how well the production company has planned out the progression of this anime. UPDATE: No more reviews due to slow progression of the series coupled with lack of time on my part.