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It’s nice to occasionally watch an anime that’s just a bunch of silliness and doesn’t require you to think very much in order to enjoy it.  Meganebu! is just such an anime.

This series follows five megane (glasses-wearing characters) through their activities in their Glasses Club.  Those activities (at this point, anyway, and potentially for the entire season) revolve around attempting to make a set of X-ray glasses so they can see through women’s clothing.  Seriously.  That’s about it.

Not that a simple plot is a bad thing, of course.  A simple plot allows for more character development.  Thus far, the characters are relatively run-of-the-mill: the (over)confident leader, the over-attentive kouhai, the quiet and intelligent one, the lazy yet cheerful one, and the guy everyone likes to pick on.  It looks like the relationship between Akira Soma and his brother Hikaru might offer some space for more character development (for Akira, at least).

The art style employed in Meganebu! is really interesting.  There are several scenes in which manga-style framing is used, particularly for transitions between settings or characters or to show the passage of time.  On top of that, every background character who doesn’t wear glasses (or “No-Glasser”) is depicted as a nondescript figure with a white block for a head and wearing a purple school uniform of some sort, drawing our attention only to megane characters.  The color scheme is very bright and vibrant, too, with neon pinks, greens, blues, and oranges.

So far, Meganebu! is a fun, upbeat anime with a simple plot.  The characters definitely have potential for development.  I’m looking forward to there being some potential conflict between the Meganebu and No-Glassers in the future.  At this point, perhaps the only thing that’s missing in this series is a megane girl.

Meganebu! OP

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Meganebu! ED

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