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In the first episode of a two-episode arc of Meganebu!, the Glasses Club and the Hima Council begin to better understand one another.

For the upcoming culture festival, William Sato, the Hima Council president, has plans to build a huge tower with help from the other clubs.  The problem with this is that the other clubs have to work on their own displays, too, so no one really wants to help the Hima Council with their tower.  On top of that, I get the feeling that the other club presidents basically think it’s a silly idea to build a tower for the student council, so they just don’t care about it.

Fortunately, William’s penchant for unconsciously voicing his thoughts aloud pays off.  Akira hears his little monologue about why he wants to build the tower: in order to improve general opinions about the school and promote the school more to the people around town.  This gets Akira thinking, and he decides that the Glasses Club will help out the Hima Council on top of making their own display and finishing the X-Ray Glasses.

Due to the help the Glasses Club offers to the Hima Council (which basically involves them building a new tower faster than the student council), the Hima Council members start thinking better of them.  They see the Glasses Club as kindred spirits, now, because they do everything for their president, just like the Hima Council does.  Even Toru seems at least a little bit moved by Takuma’s explanation of the Glasses Club’s activities.  This is clearly making Toru conflicted, though, since he hates Akira so much.

And despite the typhoon that picks up that night, this episode ends on a really high note.  The Glasses Club and the Hima Council both show up at the school to wrap some tarp around the still-unfinished tower to protect it from the elements.  All but Toru, who shows up late and looks on in secret while the two clubs congratulate each other for successfully protecting the tower.  It’s obvious that Toru feels left out, and maybe a bit angry.  I really hope he learns to appreciate Akira rather than hate him by the end of the next episode.

Meganebu! Episode 11 Post-Credits Sequence

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