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The Glasses Club plays Glasses-Jumanji and Shirogane-sensei reminisces with Tet-chan in the latest episode of Meganebu!

I’m not even kidding about that first part.  Akira finds a game called Glasses Sugoroku on his way to school and decides the Glasses Club should play it.  What ensues is a pretty hilarious game in which the way to escape every misfortune is to say “I’ve been there!” about the situation the game describes.  Not only does the game describe the hardship but, just like in Jumanji, said misfortunes befall the players of the game.  Overcoming these obstacles only becomes a problem when Hayato hesitates to say “I’ve been there!” because he really hasn’t for some of these things due to his fake glasses.

When they try to stop playing the game, though, it creates a bunch of imposters based on glasses-wearers they know to try to get them to take off their glasses.  And all of these imposters are basically rip-offs of various movies: Harry Potter, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and M.I.B.  There’s a pseudo-breaking of the fourth wall when the boys mention that all of these characters are from movies.  This awareness, in my opinion, makes the situation even funnier.  It also makes this episode a sort of parody of all of these referenced movies, and parodies are always amusing.

The second half of the episode looks at the older characters in Meganebu!  We see Shirogane-sensei and his assistant Hariu drinking, which leads to the latter getting drunk and the former having to take him to Café Tet-chan to sober up.  At the café, Shirogane and Tetsu reminisce about “the good old days” when Tetsu was Shirogane’s teacher and club advisor at Hima High.

And this background gives a lot of character development to these two.  Shirogane became a teacher because Tetsu put his career on the line to protect him and the automotive club.  Because of that, Shirogane is inspired to do the same thing for the Glasses Club, should a situation ever arise that requires it.  I half wonder if this is foreshadowing, though.  Either it is, and something potentially dangerous is going to happen to the Glasses Club in the next couple of episodes, or it’s simply an explanation of why Shirogane feels so much affection for the Glasses Club boys.  Based on the tone of the series, I’m leaning toward the latter, even though the former is a slim possibility.

Meganebu! Episode 10 Post-Credits Segment

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