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In perhaps the most random episode of Meganebu! yet, Mitsuki plays detective while trying to solve a mystery.

When his fellow Glasses Club members start exhibiting strange behavior, Mitsuki confronts them to find out that each of them has had some sort of bad luck that day.  All of their unfortunate experiences occurred around lunch.  In order to figure out what could have happened, Mitsuki dons a Sherlock Holmes costume and begins to investigate.

Mitsuki spends the majority of the episode trying to find the culprit behind the Glasses Club’s bad luck, eventually assuming the Hima Council has something to do with it.  However, when that ends up being wrong (which is a little bit shocking, given the opening of this episode and the past couple of episodes), we learn that the lunch lady, a glasses wearer herself, caused all of the “bad luck” in an attempt to look after the boys.

I honestly have to say that this episode of Meganebu! is probably the weirdest one yet.  All the others make sense to some extent, but the majority of this one is just sort of…odd.  It’s way more random than the others, to be honest.  It doesn’t really help advance the club’s goal of trying to make the X-Ray Glasses or anything and doesn’t give any real useful information on any of the characters that we didn’t already know.

There is, though, a tiny bit of character development in this episode.  At the end of the episode, we see what caused Hayato’s bad luck and who left the eggplants that led Mitsuki in search of the culprit in the first place.  Toru Suzuki, a.k.a. 3rd, is the source of both of these occurrences.  What’s interesting about this, and the bit about it that I consider character development, is the fact that Toru feels remorse regarding Hayato’s sprained ankle and wants to help it get better.  This is a bit strange, if we consider that he wants to take the Glasses Club down.  Granted, his only real grudge is against Akira, so perhaps that’s why he has no problem helping Hayato.

Meganebu! Episode 8 Post-Credits Segment

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