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Episode five of Meganebu! deals with childhood fears, glasses in the rain, and plenty of picking on Hayato.

Man, is Mitsuki ever going to stop picking on Hayato?  I get that it’s supposed to be a source of humor, but I really feel bad for Hayato.  He just wants to fit in.  And didn’t they already establish that he belongs in the Glasses Club because of his ancestor’s importance when it comes to glasses?  They really shouldn’t be picking on him anymore, then.

The bit about Akira being afraid of praying mantises is really interesting.  It gives him a bit more characterization, shows how imaginative he is, and demonstrates that even a guy who so many people look up to (the entire Glasses Club admires him) is human and has fears.  Not to mention it’s just incredibly hilarious.

At least someone finally says what I’m sure we’ve all been thinking.  “This isn’t a Glasses Club, it’s just a bunch of guys in glasses hanging out together.”  How right you are, Hayato.  How right you are.  Either that, or it’s an Akira Soma fan club, since they can’t seem to do anything without him there.

I’m beginning to think that perhaps there is a point to this anime other than silliness.  Maybe the point is to educate non-glasses wearers about glasses: about what life is like with them, about things that are different for people with glasses than for those without, things like that.  Could that be a possible purpose to this anime?  Am I trying too hard to shoehorn in a purpose when it’s just supposed to be a comedy about boys doing silly things?

I was wondering when they were going to bring up wiper glasses.  As a former glasses wearer myself (I wear contacts now), I’ve been saying for a long time that something like that should be invented.  They would be so useful in reality.

At this point, I wonder if Hayato is ever going to really be part of the group.  I hope that they start acknowledging him more soon.  He’s so enthusiastic about everything they do; why keep him around if they just plan on constantly ignoring him?

Meganebu! Episode 5 Post-Credits Segment

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