Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: First Impressions

Clearly Economics and Politics are too boring to the general public, so our Japanese friends have come up with a way to make it more accessible; add lots of bouncing boob shots.

As far as I can tell, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is one of the more anticipated series this winter. With the most interesting origins of any source material – light novel posted on 2chan – it caught my attention early on and now I’m interested to see if it can keep it.

I’m not going to even talk about the fan service in this episode. Personally, I didn’t notice much of it and because it wasn’t blatantly obvious or over-the-top, there was nothing to complain about. My issues lied with the comedy in between, which took the first episode from being very good to just having potential.

I don’t know what it was exactly that made the staff think they needed to make this a better with so much generic comedy. Achieving the complete opposite of it’s goal (presumably), it lowered the quality of the first episode and was just plain annoying at times. The most I laughed at the comedy was at the end, but that was more a 1-2 second chuckle and not a full on fit of laughter.

Negatives aside, this episode is so far the best of the Winter 2013 crop. It introduced the very interesting world of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, which on its own is enough to get me excited about the anime. Having an economics/business education background, I can appreciate all the technical jargon and most of all, the unique scenario.

Rarely is war seen as a good thing, or even a necessity from political and economic standpoints, but Maoyuu Maou Yuusha makes full use of a unique idea. Presenting the idea very well, I began to consider the possibilities and the theory behind it all which makes me want to watch more of this. Dialogue-heavy it may be, though it’s not excessive enough to warrant dozing off mid-episode.

Lots of dialogue did mean the first episode was basically an ongoing conversation between Maou and Yuusha. Whether this stays the case or not is to be seen, and I really hope this won’t be the set format for the majority of the episodes. On an animation note, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is pretty beautiful and should keep those who prefer aesthetics happy.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha has the most potential this season. There are a few kinks to be worked out here or there, but so far I consider it to be a promising new anime that I’m told cuts down on the fan service and generic humour as it goes on. I’ll definitely keep watching it for now.

  • adamevea

    ah good, i am glad you reviewed this, i too am interested and it is the one show so far i am focusing on with hope. I didnt mind the fan service, it was kind of nice actually, and softened things and took a bit of the edge off the confrontation that did take up quite a bit of the episode. I like the style, the art, and the character design, and overall think it is a superior series with promise. It can go either way as you say I think, but i am glad we have this to start with. The next one i am gong to take a good look at is the second season of Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, they moved the assistant director up to be director and replaced the art director entirely, i hope it wont adversely affect the nice quality of season 1, but the new art director has some fine work in his credits so i am still hopeful it may be a decent follow up. Staff changes make me nervous but i will remain hopeful. thanks for a thoughtful coverage of Maoyuu…and lets see how it goes.

    • azeriraz

      Your right about the fan service taking off some of the edge – I could imagine this being quite boring to some people if there wasn't a light element to it. Still the strongest start of the new season (pending a few others) and whilst I may not blog it, I'd probably recommend it.

      Let's see what Haganai NEXT has to offer!

  • adamevea

    I did enjoy the economics that was unusual too, and overall i found i liked this show..and am looking forward to more. I am sure they will stretch out and make the main relationship risky and difficult but i do hope for a happy ending, i am still fond of those. and Yes lets be hopeful about Haganai, the quirky humor of the first season was fun and it sure did stretch out the Childhood friend genre in new ways…… and i found i am still very fond of "Meat" even tho i am sure we are supposed to like Yozora but i am gong to enjoy seeing how the love Triangle develops.

  • adamevea

    Oh i am excited now about this one. I really really enjoyed it this time…so much so that this is my new favorite for the new year. I love the balance of the human side and the budding romance with the really well described village economics, it does what Spice and Wolf never managed to succeed with, and does it very nicely. In a lot of ways this reminds me of the best parts of SAO which is probably no accident as the director and other staff i am sure recognized what was loved in SAO and have brought some of it here. I am looking forward to your review and i Hope you will cover this regularly. I certainly will with my own time and i do like it very much.

    • azeriraz

      That's an interesting point about it having SAO's best parts – I can definitely see where you're coming from. I may be tempted to cover it after the second episode, it's just that it would add to my already hectic schedule.

      Why do all the good anime air on either a Thursday or Friday?

  • adamevea

    That is the favoured spot because people are getting ready to enjoy the weekend in Japan…i re watched the first episode again carefully and was very impressed. The art style is an interesting combination, and not an easy one to do or to appreciate but it is workable, it comes from several experimental past anime that have tried to diverge from the mainstream most common open line and colour styles, they did something even a bit more advanced for that rather unusual series based on the Count of Monte Cristo, Gankutsuou …i think it will work ok here because they also have a lot of very nicely done interiors and the character design is very very good, right up there with KyotoAni work….and the story tho it had a bit of actual depth to it with the political realism of the Demon Queen is very very good too, i love the way they have balanced it with the lovely romance, the warmth between then is really nice after all the extremes we usually see between the comedy of harem and the dark tragic side with love being mostly unrequited. We are not far enough thru the series to know of they will allow us a happy ending but i am hopeful and really for the first time this season am excited about a show. The rest of them honestly i am having to work to find things to like enough to keep watching them…but here, it will be a pleasure. I do hope you will join me ….i think it will be worth it. And if your schedule is busy you can always take your time we dont need you to rush the reviews out, just do like your work a lot and it helps me think about things more clearly too, which the best reviewing always does. Domo….

  • adamevea

    I am sorry to see you bailed out on this fine series, It remains unusual and quite fun, it is taking a long time to get to any development of the main relationship which is my main interest, frankly. The history and economics lessons are fun but i don't need them personally, i was just glad to see that sort of content get into anime for others. I do like the character design and if they allow it to have a happy ending with the obvious choice of a result, i will be content but i understand you need to keep your coverage in reasonable limits and you are interested in some of the weirder and edgier series than I am so at least i get to see things covered that i would never watch. Enjoy and thanks. I will let you know how it all turns out :)

    hope you keep an eye on some others that you have not covered…Girls and Panzer has turned out to be a gem, as have Ixion Saga, Love Live!, and Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shurabasugiru with Senran Kagura still keeping me watching in spite of all the bouncy things.

    • azeriraz

      For me it just didn't go deep enough. I would have preferred the series sticking to one route as opposed to trying to do everything and not succeeding. I do still enjoy it, but thinking of what to write about it became a little uninteresting for me since I'm an Business/Econ major.

      On another note, I'll tell you right now that I do like Girls und Panzer and Ixion Saga – the latter is on hold for now but I'll be catching up soon enough. Love Live isn't my cup of tea and OreShura is enjoyable at times yet it plays too heavily on the stereotypes for my liking.

  • adamevea

    ah then you know the material a lot, and i do too, i guess i am just enjoying the somewhat new mix, tho a lot of this series is a remix of old old themes. Glad you enjoy the Girls, i was literally stunned when it turned out as good as it is, another example of anime surprising the heck out of me. Not sure exactly what magic is at work but for some reason the mix of things in Girls and Panzer is really good, and a lot of fun, the final two episodes are locking it down for being a classic i think, and i have heard rumors of a green light for a second season. Ixion is also another quite nice surprise, as there are a ton of epics out there but this one is fresh and funny and has some fine art and animation too, a broad and powerful approach and it works. OreShura is quite boring for anyone who has seen a ton of the ninja shoen groups but this one is quite good in a way too.