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In the latest episode of Makai Ouji, the boys forego battles and magic for a culture festival.

This filler/festival episode definitely highlights the similarities between Makai Ouji and Kuroshitsuji.  The episode focuses mostly on a battle of knives between Baphomet and Leonard, the latter being Sytry’s ram butler.  This is the “battle as an intermission” that the episode title mentions.  The battle for the title of Cooking King of Hell is reminiscent of the curry competition in Kuroshitsuji.  As if the two shows weren’t similar enough already.

The placement of this episode, though, seems odd.  The previous episode was full of new information, battles, and ultimatums.  We were introduced to new characters, got a lot more backstory on some of the ones we already knew, and witnessed two separate battles between Heaven and Hell, one in Hell and one on earth.  To follow all of that up with a filler episode, and one so close to the end of the season, seems strange.  Unless, that is, there are already plans for a second season, which would allow for further exposition.  My previous post on Makai Ouji was an obligatory “this show needs a second season” post, so I won’t get into that again.  However, I think the only way to justify a filler episode at this point would be with a second season in the works.

What’s really interesting about this episode is that, even though it’s a filler episode, it still manages to add to our understanding of the characters, mainly to our understanding of William.  This episode, perhaps more than any thus far, really shows how cunning William can be; he managed to convince most of the demons to follow his will at the culture festival.  (Definitely wondering what Nathan/Camio did during the festival to beat him, though.)  We already know that Solomon was cunning, as well, enough so that he was able to get 72 demons to submit to him, so this just adds to the parallels between William and Solomon.

It looks like we’ll get to see what happens when William puts on Solomon’s ring in the next episode.  On top of that, apparently the demons are going to “get serious” now.  Let’s hope that means we’ll actually get some decent plot development next week.

Makai Ouji Episode 11 Preview

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