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William’s life is in danger in the latest episode of Makai Ouji, but then again, what’s new?  Other than Kevin being partially the source of the problem due to a botched exorcism, that is (performed on Dantalion, no less).

My first thought on this episode is that everyone always keeps William in the dark.  It’s true that he refuses to believe half of the things going on around him, or at the very least tries to explain them away in logical manners, but one would think that if the demons plan on being elected by him, they might want to better protect him.  I mean, no one thought to tell him that demons might be up to some dangerous stuff during the Sabbat?  No one bothered to mention that the barrier between the demon world and the human world was weaker that night?  Not even Kevin bothered to say anything about it, and just put some secret protection around William?!  One might think that keeping him in the loop would be the best way to protect him!

Once again, there’s mention that Dantalion’s full power is extremely dangerous.  It always seems that his butler, Baphomet, is saying this but we never really get to see it.  Dantalion’s “full” power probably won’t be revealed until closer to the end of the season, probably in the last couple of episodes.  I’m curious, though, as to how his full power would measure up to, say, Camio, who’s apparently one of the most powerful demons in existence, given his heritage as Lucifer’s son.

Baalberith’s assertion that the Four Kings (or at least him, Beelzebub, and Astaroth) are “enamoured” with Solomon just as the three candidates are is interesting.  I hope we get some more background on how the Four Kings figure into all of this.  It would be nice to know what their relationship with Solomon was like.  In any case, this episode gives us a bit more of Solomon and Dantalion’s background, which is nice.

Definitely looking forward to meeting Michael in the next episode and learning more about how the servants of Heaven fit into the whole turf-war-in-Hell business.

Makai Ouji Episode 8 Preview

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