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While the latest episode of Makai Ouji has hints of a filler episode, there are still some important reveals and interesting bits of folklore.  If nothing else, it isn’t as boring as filler episodes can often be.

I say this episode is sort of like a filler episode because nothing very big happens.  There aren’t any demons summoned and aren’t any big fights like there have been in pretty much every episode until now.  The episode seems to move a bit slower than previous ones, as well.

That said, however, I think the slow pacing is nice every now and then.  This episode’s pacing allows for more background information about Isaac and his family as well as our first glimpse of Astaroth, Dantalion’s supporter for interim ruler of Hell.  Both Astaroth and Lamia have the potential to be very interesting side characters, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.

One aspect of Astaroth’s conversation with Dantalion that interests me in particular is the discussion of the hierarchy that exists in Hell.  It surprises me that a halfling (half demon, half human) would be of a higher class than a Nephilim (a demon that was once human).  Perhaps what is more surprising is that, in Astaroth’s own words, Camio is of a MUCH higher class than Dantalion or Sytry.  I would expect half-humans and former-humans to be closer in the hierarchy than they apparently are.  Granted, if his “lineage” plays into it, his father must be a really high-ranking demon.  Some kind of chart or something of the different kinds of demons and what “classes” they are in would probably be helpful.

The killmoulis is an interesting little bit of folklore to bring in to the story, but is largely why I call this episode partially filler.  Unless this creature is somehow going to prove useful in the future (and I don’t really know how it can since it moved to India), it strikes me as one of those filler characters just there to take up a little time.  It does allow us to see William being a nice guy again, though.  I personally really enjoy seeing him do kind things for others, even creatures that shouldn’t exist in his opinion, rather than just getting mad at the things that don’t make sense to him all the time.

Tensions seem to be growing between Dantalion and Kevin, and just around Kevin in general.  Astaroth clearly thinks Kevin is dangerous for some reason, given her somewhat cryptic comments about “someone” at the Elector’s side.  Hopefully, we’ll find out more about what Kevin’s up to soon.

Makai Ouji Episode 6 Preview

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