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Exorcisms, ghosts, and lots of shonen-ai in this episode of Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, all wrapped up in some pretty decent pacing.

As a fan of horror movies, I have to point out that the exorcism at the beginning of this episode is one of the tamest exorcisms I’ve ever seen.  The demon Moloch just sort of stood there and let Pastor Crosby send it back to Hell.  How nice of it.

If I’m understanding everything that’s going on correctly, William isn’t simply Solomon’s heir, but is actually Solomon himself, at least according to Dantalion and Sytry.  They both wonder why he “doesn’t remember them” and seem determined to stick by him no matter what.  It’s obviously a lot more than them just wanting him to elect either of them as interim ruler of Hell; they both quite clearly feel connected to him.  I have a feeling this fact is part of why Kevin is keeping the ring from William.  I’ll bet anything that having the ring will, at the very least, help William/Solomon regain his memories, if not reveal everything completely.

This is a revelation that’s sort of been hinted at since the first episode when Dantalion and William met.  We’re learning a little more about Solomon and his connection to the demons every episode.  The pacing actually works really well, in my humble opinion.  We learn a little about what happened in the past and a little about what’s going on in the present, but never so much in either time period that it gets overwhelming.

Pastor Crosby is a little bit of a creeper, following William around and eavesdropping on his conversations.  On top of that, having a demon familiar makes him kind of suspicious as a pastor.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t trust a holy man who happens to have command of a demon crow or two.

When Dantalion says to Crosby, “I was once like you” and “You remind me of my old self,” does that mean Dantalion not only used to be human, but used to be a pastor or an exorcist, to boot?  That would be an interesting twist, if the Grand Duke of Hell was once an exorcist.

And we get further evidence that Kevin is an angel: he’s filling in as the school’s priest.

Makai Ouji Episode 4 Preview

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