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Makai Ouji continues to pit the realist William Twining against an increasing host of demons vying for his support.

This episode amps up the shonen ai by introducing another demon who, like Gilles de Rais, is a trap character.  I thought I was past the “that’s a guy?!” phase in watching anime, but Sytry proved me wrong.  He even has the Sailor-Moon-esque transformation sequence when he switches from his human disguise into his demon clothing.  Apparently, Hell is full of super feminine male demons who spend their time dressing (and acting) like girls.

Again, there’s a somewhat cryptic scene involving Solomon and a demon, this time Sytry.  Although I pretty much want answers now about Solomon, what he was up to, and why exactly he and his heirs are Electors, I’m pretty sure cryptic scenes like this are going to be a running theme throughout the anime.  It makes sense, from a storytelling standpoint, to introduce information about Solomon little by little to keep the interest of the audience.

Isaac has some issues, going to a Christian private school and still finding demons to be “incredible”.  Doesn’t he pay any attention during mass?  Silly kid.

The introduction of the priest is an interesting development.  I mean, it makes sense for them to have a priest at a Christian school, but I wasn’t expecting the priest to be an important character, and clearly he will be.  The fact that Father Crosby can “sense” an evil presence at the school might prove dangerous for Dantalion and William (and any other demon that decides to masquerade as a human while trying to get the Elector to choose them).

It’s also worth discussing why Kevin is keeping Solomon’s ring from William.  Since it was “a gift from God Himself,” I think the fact that Kevin is keeping it from William is more evidence that Kevin is an angel, or at least on the side of the angels.  Does the ring offer its wearer some kind of special power?  That would make sense; why else would Kevin keep it hidden from William?  Hopefully some sort of answer in relation to the ring is forthcoming.

Makai Ouji Episode 3 Preview

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