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Whenever I watch Kyousogiga, I yearn for more.

Lucky for us, this episode was slightly longer than the previous two. Even as a short 10 minute offering, it stands out from the crop of high quality anime airing this season and wins me over with the artistic style and storytelling.

So far it's been obvious that Kyousogiga can do crazy very well. Everything from the current episodes to the original one episode ONA proves that. This episode on the other hand is very touching and heart-warming, like episode one of this year's version.

What I liked about this episode, is generally what I've liked about the entire series: it focuses on yet another character. Granted I'm having trouble remembering his name as I write this post in a half hungover state, but I do know he plays a relatively active role. The other characters we've seen so far also appeared, but like usual were in the background.

By now I've noticed a certain beautiful disorder that separates Kyousogiga from the likes of FLCL. There is some kind of story - as vague as it is - but it focuses more on character interactions. Not all the interactions are as kind and wonderful as this one, and that's what makes me enjoy this episode.

It's like a cyclical pattern. We started off with the heart-warming, moved to the slapstick for a few episodes and now we're back to the heart-warming. The big question is how the last episode will turn out

It will either be a unifying episode or could possibly be yet another question mark. No doubt the quality would be great, whether it will make use of any of the previous episodes is unlikely. Nonetheless, I'll be sad to see no more of my bi-weekly dose of Koto and her fellow Kyousogiga comrades.