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I'm saddened by the fact that this second episode, that came out after a long break, was just 6 minutes long. It sucks because this episode was a lot of fun to watch.

Completely different from the first episode, this time round Kyousogiga was just an episode of non-stop humorous feel good energy. Just imagine a jack hammer going continuously for 6 minutes and that's about what you'd expect from the episode.

With over-the-top yet gorgeous animation and an extensive soundtrack, all that was left was for this episodes plot. Funny thing about that: there wasn't one. Unlike the first episode which acted as a heart-warming prequel to the original webisode, this one just had fun and didn't even have a major appearance from Koto.

The girl bouncing around and ordering all those men in white suits - my type of organization - was a young girl by the name of Shouko. All for the sake of a PSP she turns the town upside down, in an ironic comedy twist. Not much else I can say about that now is there

In a fall season with a multitude of thought-provoking series, Kyousogiga provided me with a random yet exhilarating 6 minutes of controlled chaos. The lack of direction in the ONA is possibly the selling point, much like how it was for FLCL, though I much prefer the calmer and slightly more random demeanour of Kyousogiga. There is a little case of substance over style present and that also works for me.