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Beyond the Boundary tries to draw more power to itself in order to defeat Mirai in the latest episode of Kyokai no Kanata.

It turns out Akihito has been in a coma for three months, which means Mirai has been fighting Beyond the Boundary for the same amount of time.  That’s a long time for her to be constantly fighting this thing.  And apparently Beyond the Boundary’s presence within him was what made Akihito immortal.  Since Beyond the Boundary isn’t inside him anymore, he’s mortal, so things should start getting more intense.

As if Akihito just waking from a coma and Mirai being trapped in an alternate (plane) with Beyond the Boundary weren’t enough, Miroku is definitely up to something sinister.  He hooks up the Hollow Shadow’s youmu stone to his car’s battery in order to use it to give Beyond the Boundary more power.  The question is: why?  What does he plan to accomplish?  Does he want Beyond the Boundary to kill Mirai for some reason?  And how, exactly, does he understand so much about what’s going on when virtually no one else does?  This is all highly suspicious.

Coming to the rescue, though, is Akihito’s mother, Yayoi Kanbara.  I wasn’t actually expecting to see her in person in Kyokai no Kanata; I thought we’d only see her postcards occasionally and that would be that.  In any case, she calls the Nase siblings, Sakura, Nino-san, and Akihito to the school to explain to them what is going on with Beyond the Boundary and Mirai (how does she know what’s going on?), and gives Akihito a tool in order to help Mirai.

And Akihito manages to get into the alternate (plane) Beyond the Boundary created in order to help Mirai defeat it.  Because he’s not immortal anymore, the next couple of episodes should definitely be intense!  Either or both Akihito and Mirai could die before everything is said and done.

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 12 Preview

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