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The latest episode of Kyokai no Kanata gives us numerous explanations as well as plenty of action!

One explanation in this episode is the Calm.  It’s apparently a time when the youmus’ innate powers are weakened and Spirit World Warriors can easily defeat youmu that were previously out of their league.  During this time, Akihito could potentially lose his immortality, although since half-youmu are so rare, it’s unclear for sure what will happen with him.  I’m pretty sure the Calm is the reason he’s so tired throughout this episode, though.  Clearly, Miroku has something in mind in regard to Akihito…could he be planning to kill him during the Calm?

More interesting information is that there are youmu called “Beyond the Boundary” (yes, the title of the show) that lack a physical body (much like the Hollow Shadow), take many years to form, and are born from the resentment and twisted hearts of countless people mixing together before eventually taking form.  Obviously, this is going to end up playing an important part in the story to come, although exactly how isn’t clear yet.

Miroku’s creepiness is amplified in this episode as he attacks Mitsuki and Hiromi (blowing up an abandoned bus in an attempt to kill the latter), talks to someone we can’t see, and clearly stands in opposition to the Nase family.  I’m really curious as to why the Society of Spirit World Warriors so adamantly opposes the Nase family, and what exactly they hope to gain out of Miroku’s continuing observations of and interference with them.  And what exactly does he/the Society want with Akihito?  I have my speculations, but I think it’s a bit too early to voice them…

Conversely, as Izumi gets slightly more screen time as Kyokai no Kanata progresses, she’s becoming less of the creepy, mysterious family leader and more of an interesting, protective older sister.  Although her motives for pretty much anything are unclear, she seems to care about protecting Akihito and her siblings, seems to care about helping Mirai, and even seems to care about protecting Ayaka and her shop.  I’m really eager to see more characterization for her in the future.

This episode ends on a cliffhanger with Akihito’s youmu side awakening once more.  Who knows what will happen in the next episode?!

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 9 Preview

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