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There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about a silly episode for an anime, and this episode of Kyokai no Kanata definitely does it the right way.

One thing this episode does really well is highlight the fact that Mitsuki and Mirai are becoming friends.  It also focuses on the growing camaraderie among the Literary Club members.  Recall that in the first few episodes, both Mitsuki and Hiromi seemed wary of Mirai and even shunned her a bit.  Now, though, they’re basically friends.  If an anime is going to have a laid-back, plot-light episode like this one, it should serve a purpose similar to this one: further establishing the relationships between the characters.

During the summer anime season, Kyoto Animation showed us how well they could animate competitive swimming in Free!.  This fall season, with Kyokai no Kanata, they’ve demonstrated their skill with animating supernatural fighting scenes.  In this episode in particular, we get to see their take on choreography.  And what a take it is.  The dancing scene is phenomenal, in my humble opinion.  The characters’ movement is fluid and realistic, as though drawn while watching a real idol or group perform it.

One thing I failed to mention in my last Kyokai no Kanata review that is worth some discussion is the very brief scene after the credits in which Mirai and Izumi apparently meet in the woods after the festival.  The only dialogue is Mirai saying “Izumi-san” before Izumi smiles and Mirai takes a tentative step backward.  Then it cuts to the preview for the next episode.  I was anticipating this scene being explained in this episode, but apparently not.  What was that exchange all about?  Will it be explained in the next episode, then?  I really hope Izumi gets some explanation soon, because she gives me the creeps a bit.

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 7 Preview

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