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An amazing fight scene between Mirai and the youmu from her apartment segues into more character introductions in the latest episode of Kyokai no Kanata.

This anime continues to move along at a decent pace.  This episode not only concludes the fight with the youmu in Mirai’s apartment, but also introduces a handful of new characters and some new plot points.  We meet a couple of humanoid youmu, Ayaka and Ai Shindou, who pay Spirit World Warriors for turning over captured youmu (which basically take on the form of stones) as well as Mistuki’s brother, Hiromi Nase (who appears to be very handsy when it comes to Akihito), and a brief glimpse of Akihito’s mother through a post card.

On top of the new characters, Akihito’s mother warns of the Hollow Shadow, a youmu without physical form that’s headed their way.  It’s apparently very dangerous, to the point that Akihito’s mother urges him not to fight it and Ayaka suggests that they just wait for it to pass by if it shows up.  Judging by Akihito’s personality, I’m pretty sure he won’t just let the Hollow Shadow pass through, especially not if it ends up hurting people (or if the threat of harm is even remotely there).  At any rate, the approach of this Hollow Shadow causes weaker youmu to become aggressive, which will clearly be a continuing plot point.

And finally, Kyokai no Kanata continues its dark tendencies in this episode.  The episode opens with a shot of Akihito standing over a body in a field with blood covering his hands, and ends with Mirai confiding in him that she killed someone in the past.  These revelations aren’t expanded on in this episode, but they definitely draw a parallel between the two main characters.  Chances are that the next episode will involve some elaboration on these couple of scenes, along with growing trepidation with the approach of the Hollow Shadow.

Kyokai no Kanata Episode 3 Preview

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