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The latest episode of Kuroko no Basket kicks off the Winter Cup!  But, perhaps more importantly, we finally meet the final member and captain of the Generation of Miracles: Akashi Seijuro.

The episode begins with more training for Seirin High under Aida Kagetora’s tutelage.  What’s most important about this section of continued training is the fact that Kagetora admits that he can’t teach Kuroko anything because he’s too strange of a player and he doesn’t understand him.  The only thing he’s able to do for Kuroko is tell him about the wall he’s going to hit soon so he can figure out on his own how to overcome it.

Meanwhile, Kagami spends time in Los Angeles learning from his old teacher there (who we sadly don’t get to meet).  We also don’t find out what exactly Kagami is working on back in America, just that he’s training there.  Likewise, we see the Generation of Miracles players practicing for the upcoming Winter Cup, as well.

Cue our first real look at Akashi Seijuro, captain of the Generation of Miracles.  His teammate reveals that Akashi doesn’t train with the goal of winning; on the contrary, Akashi sees winning as a given, like breathing.  It’s true that all the GoM players were pretty arrogant when first introduced, but Akashi seems to be on a whole new level.  This is proven especially true when he calls all the GoM players to meet him.  Not only does he clearly assume they have nothing better to do than to meet with him, but he attacks Kagami with a pair of scissors with the intent of actually hurting him.  He then claims the only reason he called his former teammates out is to make sure they all remembered their promise.  What promise is that?  Hopefully we find out at some point throughout the Winter Cup.

As the match between Seirin and Touou is about to begin, Kagetora shows up to watch.  At that point, we learn that he used to play basketball with the coaches of Touou and Shutoku.  It’s kind of amusing how interconnected all the top teams in Kuroko no Basket are, not only by Generation of Miracles players but also by coaches who once played together.

The game begins with Touou making the first shot and pulling ahead early.  But this won’t keep Seirin down; Kuroko prepares to make an improved Ignite Pass, called Ignite Pass Kai, which we’ll get to see in the next episode.  The Winter Cup has officially begun!

Kuroko no Basket Episode 39 Preview

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