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Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the landmark 50th win for either Kagami or Himuro in this episode of Kuroko no Basket due to rain.

Of course, this will just up the stakes of the Winter Cup even more.  This definitely makes this season even more intense.  Not only does Seirin have to worry about the Generation of Miracles, but they now have another player who’s basically on par with those prodigies to try to deal with.  Himuro’s special ability, an unblockable jump shot (which may or may not actually be an excellent fake and shoot—it’s unclear at this point), is clearly going to be difficult for Taiga to counter.

While Kuroko in this episode relays the weakness of the Generation of Miracles (their bodies being unable to keep up with their overabundance of talent), I think they definitely have another weakness.  Although we haven’t quite seen all of them in action yet, what I’ve noticed with the three prodigies we have seen in the first season is that they take their superiority for granted.  Not only do they take their superiority for granted, but they also assume that only their former Teiko Middle School teammates have the ability to stand against them.  Their raw talent puts them in a false sense of security.

This weakness is likely to be highlighted by the fact that Kuroko is continuing to improve himself, to come up with his own style.  The other members of the Generation of Miracles don’t try to improve their styles or anything like that, but rather simply rely on their raw talent (except perhaps Kise, who has to focus on copying his opponent’s moves).  However, Kuroko’s constant work at his game gives him an advantage in that he’s continuously improving what he can do.  And, as Momoi points out, if he perfects his unstoppable drive, he’ll be pretty much unstoppable.

Kuroko no Basket Episode 28 Preview

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