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A few months later, the story of the 2-part OVA comes to an end, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness.With the story following on from on the previous OVA, we got to see more of the drama revolving around Haruto and Yuzuki's relationship, a focus I always found to be a strong point of the manga and the OVA was no exception. Besides the over-the-top ecchi start to the episode, it then went onto tell the difficulties that Haruto and Yuzuki have faced so far and hinting towards more of the problems they might face and of course exploring Haruto's disappointment in himself for hurting the girl he loves yet again.

The many flashbacks actually help the OVA a lot with the drama, and even fill in the viewers who aren't familiar with the manga - not enough to make everything 100% clear but still enough so your not totally confused - and of course it continued to explore the depths of the love that the two share, this time with a flashback to the first time they ever met. It was interesting to see the scenario for which they met to have been altered but it worked well with the way that the OVA had progressed and made for a nice post-kiss focal point; the kiss itself was a little excessive for my liking and I'm positive that it wasn't made out to be that big of a deal in the manga. The episode's end was a very typical yet nice way of wrapping up the arc of the story which it covered with 0 indication of what could happen next.

Overall I was really pleased with the 2 episode OVA of Kimi no Iru Machi and its execution when compared to the manga. The voice actors fit their roles very well, but I was surprised (in a good way) to see Haruto come off as a more manly character and anyone who reads the manga might understand my shock for doing so. Haruto aside all the characters were portrayed to my liking: Rin came off as bitchy and scheming as I had imagined, Yuzuki was just the right amount of fragile and the supporting cast also did their job. Many will argue the extreme drop in the quality of the artwork when compared to the manga, but I found the more shonen style manga to add a little bit more drama and urgency to the situations in both episodes and it also added to Haruto's appeal which I must admit, doesn't exist for me when I'm reading the manga.

It's sad to see this as the only animated content to come from Kimi no Iru Machi but it was a decent watch indeed.