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Karneval 04


After saving Gareki and finding...almost nothing of use in Nai’s home, it’s Gareki’s turn to take a trip down memory lane.

I must admit, I’m really starting to enjoy Karneval. At this point, I’m in it for the pretty boys (and girls) and entertainment I don’t have to think too hard about. Karneval is a lot of fun, if nothing else, and I like the majority of the cast. I’m even warming up to Nai. Yogi was especially funny this episode His childish, straight-forward manner (though irritating at times) makes a great comedic foil against Gareki’s tough, cynical outlook.


This episode, we are introduced to Iva, another member of Circus, who unfortunately only sticks around long enough to embarrass Gareki. Like many of the other Circus members, she has a flashy, nonsensical power which involves exploding jewels. And every time she does, the third world weeps. What a waste...


Gareki, however, somehow survives being caught in the middle of this jewel-plosion with nothing more than a bruised ego. (And darn it, that awful pink jacket remains intact). Meanwhile Nai’s team discover a weird book, which may or may not be important. I have no idea what is going on with Karoku at this point except that he is undoubtedly evil. At this point he reminds me of Joshua from Chrono Crusade (they even look alike), so perhaps he is only “under the influence of others” evil.


Anyway, in this episode we also get to delve into Gareki’s past. As I think that the character relationships in Karneval are one of its strong suits, I’m glad they are fleshing out character back-story. Gareki reveals his past as an orphan, who was then raised up by a woman named Tsubaki and her little brother and sister. Tsubaki was also murdered by a man Gareki has never seen but I have a feeling this may relate to Karoku in some way. Not only did this mystery man kill Tsubaki but also drugged Tsubaki’s siblings so that they lose control of themselves and go on killing sprees. It is hinted that this might be something to do with Varuga, but it’s uncertain if it is.


Having not read the manga, I would love it if Gareki’s story was somehow tied to the wider picture of Karoku and the Varuga. I do love it when all the threads connect. In the meantime, however, this was a pretty solid episode for Karneval. I find myself more and more intrigued by everyone as the episodes pass. And yes, Nai also becomes less annoying.