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At least now we know what's what.

Whenever I write a double episode post, it's for one of two reasons: I don't have the time or I have nothing to say about just one episode. For K, it's the latter reason. I haven't been all that impressed with the series, and not much has changed with these two episodes.

The majority of the mystery behind Shiro and the killer has been unveiled, with little excitement on my part. I believe my exact reaction was a simple, understated "finally" as opposed to a more over-the-top reaction to the revelation of this development. Although it wasn't at all bad, in fact it was done well, it didn't really capture my attention as it should have to be truly wonderful.

A lot of why K is just fine, is the calibre of the season. Much like Code Breaker, the competition of the season is making the series less and less desirable. Had this been a lesser season like the Winter or Summer, K may have fared better.

Nevertheless, there was some improvement in episode 12.

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For me, episode 12 worked better. A simple build-up to the end of the finale that worked better than the unravelling of the mystery.

Although it was paced slower, this episode was better at fulfilling its goal than the previous one. The whole deal with Shiro and the Silver King was self-explanatory, so there wasn't anything complex to learn about the story. If it wasn't for the simplicity of it all, I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much.

It's also a good thing that this episode has managed to set the stage for the final battle between the Kings. How the series will end is always a mystery with original series. My bet; Shiro will end up dying no matter what happens.