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I find myself being bored by the K anime project.

Episodes like these remind me of some of the other issues that K has. Plot and content aside, I can't get over the pacing of it all. Take this episode: the plot was good, interesting even, but the pacing was not. I was falling asleep towards the end.

The story is at least getting more interesting. Now that we're finding out about the Silver King, and we heard about the Gold King we're getting closer to the goal. I'm definitely intrigued by the Silver King and his decision to blow up his domain, which created more mystery.

There's still a bit of confusion with everything going on, simply because there is so much going on although that's a lesser worry. We are finding out about the other groups as time goes by and that's a good thing - hoping that soon we know about everyone. My biggest issue lies with Neko.

Neko has been a fun character, but a part of me has gotten sick of her. This most recent incident involving the helicopter crash has just proven to me how much I dislike her at this moment, and left me questioning why neither Kuro or Shiro haven't yelled at her yet. It may be obvious for them to have a falling out, but it's more annoying that no one has displayed rage against her. Slowly I question my desire to continue watching the K anime project.

It's a case of one problem being replaced by another. Now that the plot has settled, we get pacing issues and that just frustrates me to no end. K has improved leaps and bounds for me, so to see it fall short - or fall back - is just infuriating. Luckily the next episode preview suggest a return to Mikoto and them HOMRA brats, which is always fun. I'm personally ready for more skateboarding and fiery action.