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Finally the K anime project got interesting.

K really pulled one out the bag with this episode. It was interesting, it had to do with the main plot and it finally got things moving. The pacing was still a little on the slow side, but it worked.

The episode was really slow and more or less uneventful, but it's progressing towards something. I much prefer the K anime project to take it's time and cover less with it's 13 episodes instead of cramming those episodes. As a result the episode did accomplish something at the very least.

Blue King and Colourless King meet. For a first exchange it wasn't exciting - Kuro was just the punching bag - and it felt a little too monologue. Until now, I thought the Blue King was going to be some kind of idiot. Not baseless since he was described as a person with many whims. Also, because he was kept a secret for this long I was expecting a much bigger entrance; didn't get that. The best part was definitely the ending, where the mystery continues.

That's about all I have to say about the K anime project at this point in time. Because it moves quite slowly, it's hard to foresee what'll happen next. We now have been introduced to most of the major players and we have one more mystery man. If I'm not mistaken, the mystery man appeared in an earlier episode (dancing with someone). He's probably the main villain of the story, although we can't forget about the Red King Mikoto. Not that he's the villain; he just needs to brought into the story a little more.

Things are looking up for K. It's still not a spectacular anime, but at the very least it's become decent. As the season has progressed, K has improved while other series have gone downhill.