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I'm running out of things to write about the K anime project. Apologies in advance if the post comes out as a string of random thoughts.

So far the K anime project has been one thing and one thing only: visually stunning. The plot is non-existent as far as I'm concerned and what's more the execution is lacking, so each episode has a specific visual or auditory appeal to it, that makes the series worth watching.

This episode's particular aesthetic was the longer than usual fight scene between Yata and Fushimi. We know the basics of why their fighting and the fight itself was drawn out to the extreme. It was beautiful t watch and listen to and given last week's lack of action, it was a pleasant addition to K's repertoire but it was so slow. Slow actually doesn't cut it; it was paced like a turtle who had smoked a pound of weed. Putting pacing issues on the back burner, the fight scene was pretty badass and that hip-hop soundtrack was as vivid as always. One thing I've noticed: my favourite moments in the series revolve around Yata acting like a boss.

Admittedly I was watching this episode at 3 in the morning, but I put the blame of my increased yawning on it. Just like the second episode, this episode accomplished as little as possible and held its head high at the end of it. I've made my peace with this particular aspect of the K anime project, but I didn't think pacing issues would be added on top of a weak storyline.

The series is technically progressing the story - the mystery at least - at the end of each episode, and this is getting a little stale for my taste. Initially it worked as a cliffhanger and it still keeps me interested, regardless of how overused it has already become. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting Kukuri to do what she did. A plot twist indeed and one I did not see coming because of how downplayed her role in the series has been so far. Funny how a weak plot just became interesting right

Lastly I'm going to quickly talk about the Kings. I know how ridiculous that sounds considering we've seen them do nothing and they haven't provided the story with anything other than being figureheads whom we've heard about. Kings being figureheads is a possible route to be followed by the story, but not by K. Presumably they will come into the story soon and until then we can have Fushimi as the main antagonist, I'd just like to see them in action sooner rather than later.

This may have come across as a rant and about 400 words of me ripping into the series, but I still find enjoyment in it.