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This K anime project feels confusing. I thought it was going to be too cool for school but it obviously doesn't want that.

After a visually stunning opening episode complete with a mysteriously interesting plot, the last thing I expected was for the next episode in the K anime project to be a breather comedy episode. The first episode being more style over substance left me certain expectations which weren't all that high for the story but that still was no excuse for this episode. It almost feels pointless having this type of episode so early on in the series, especially after the first episode.

Essentially any foundations laid out by the first episode were ignored and instead the series went in a direction of pure silly mayhem. We didn't learn anything new about the plot, the characters or anything remotely relevant to the story for that matter and instead we ended up sitting through 20-odd minutes of random comedy.

A part of me did enjoy some of the comedy, and surely enough it wasn't terrible. Neko is an odd character to have in the cast, but it's that mischievous nature of hers fit very well with the the mayhem - as you'd expect with cats - in the meantime our main character Yashiro ends up taking a step back.

With such a big cast I was half-expecting the focus changing hands on a regular basis but the focus on this episode was mostly on Neko. Using up the whole episode certainly could have been avoided and even if the episode remained the same, it should have only been used if K was supposed to be a 2-cour series as opposed to the measly 13 episodes it has to tell a good story and develop characters.

There is no sense of direction from this anime and that worries me.