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Koko is a whole new level of loco.

With no change in pace, the penultimate episode of Jormungand just coasts along. A little disappointing, when you consider how the story has been heading towards a big event/finale and in spite of this delivered a mellowed out episode with a significant plot development.

Jonah's loyalty to Koko has always been a major part of Jormungand. Described by many as the anchor relationship, where Jonah kept Koko from going overboard, it was the ongoing focus of the series . At least whenever there was talk of relationships, Koko and Jonah's received the most attention.

With this episode Koko has really become a monster. Scaring off Jonah is one thing, but calculating the risk of him leaving and then going about like nothing happened just elevates her villain status. We like to believe that she cares for Jonah and the rest of her crew, but because of her character we don't really know. A character shrouded in mystery from the very first episode can have that effect later on in the series, and Jormungand has really exploited Koko's mysterious existence.

Jonah leaving her has definitely brought out the more evil side to her. Perhaps if he was still with her, she wouldn't have manipulated Bookman and Palme as well as a guerrilla faction in North Africa. On the other hand she might have and there in lies the mystery behind Koko.

Not only that, the development leaves a sad aftermath with the rest of the team. As if uncaring, they only talk about why they will follow Koko and not question her. Not one of them is thinking about morality, just loyalty and that also shows the extent of Koko's presence. She's now at the level of commanding respect regardless of her evildoing. The only one who like he has a problem is Lehm, and that probably comes from him being the veteran whose lived through countless wars.

Jormungand's grand finale next week! Let's see if the series can pull everything together and not leave any questions with its conclusion. The biggest question mark at this point is what Kasper and his team are doing, and what will Jonah do