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Hackers, quantum physicists and business management. Jormungand really is a series that stayed current with modern-day issues.

At some level one must admire Jormungand's author for putting so much effort into research. Not only did the series manage to incorporate the idea that modern warfare will be all about information, but it also brought in a lot of important and often ignored cultural happenings.

It was not too long ago before Julian Assange's rampage was stopped. Not to mention all that Guantanamo Bay controversy that has been debated since I was in my early years of high school, there is plenty that keeps us involved in the episode because of its real life relevance. Of course Assange's counterpart in Jormungand is a female quantum physicist because let's face it, Jormungand is all about powerful women.

With everything going on, the secret plan is being revealed bit by bit. Trust Koko to be the one arms dealer in the world attempting to build a quantum computer. That goes beyond monopolising the arms dealing market, it's essentially world domination at your fingertips. Nothing less from the one character who has been called a monster by mass murderers, who has now turned to kidnappings.

Next it looks like a fight against Navy SEALs. Hopefully that will bring some more action back into the series, which is the only thing currently missing. Right now it's all about Bookman vs Koko and Hinoki is present also. Very interesting, however Action is what makes this series complete.

All in all, this arc of Jormungand has taken a new direction altogether. Before this arc, the series was more like Lord of War and now it has a hint of Swordfish. For me, this change has meant better intensity and a more interesting story. Especially with secrecy and the number of characters involved, leaving much that can happen. Very impressed with how things are right now.