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The final arc is under way, and we finally know why this series is called Jormungand.

With so much going on this episode, we're really getting close to the finale and the revelation of Koko's plan. Familiar faces re-emerge, allies come together and everyone awaits to find out what the Hekmatyar's have in store for the world.

A lot of business talk ensued. Very fitting for Jormungand since it's been portraying arms dealing as any other international business profession, though I guess some may have been put off by that. The business major in enjoyed all the talk of the ever-changing arms market and the privatization of war, in a way that reminded me of ideas posed in Freakonomics. It didn't hurt that there was a little bit mystery surrounding the entire project.

Like with any major business proposal, politics comes into play and with that we got a big group of interested parties. Essentially Kasper's announcement can be compared to Bill Gates announcing virtual reality and leaving many with the drive to stop it. I just wonder how the story will tie in all those people:

  • Bookman wants in.
  • Trohovsky wants in on Koko's plan.
  • Hinoki has a "trump card."
  • Scarecrow is running around like the bitch he is.

So many things can happen with the story at this point and that makes me excited! With so much possibility, it's hard to predict what will happen and that leaves a lot of potential for a great ending. It doesn't look like Koko and Kasper are in cahoots, which only adds to the intrigue.

Overall, the episode did feel short. Not much technically happened, however it was good enough to set the stage for the Jormungand plan to unfold. Jormungand: Perfect Order is coming to an end in just four episode and I cannot help but feel excited when it arrives.