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It's always the silent ones.

Wiley Coyote...what a badass that guy is. Not only is he a demolitions expert, he's the deadly assassin we all don't know.

You can just tell the author of Jormungand had fun with this. Wiley was the definition of background character and he's barely noticeable. Quite literally, his name has been called less than 10 times throughout the series including Jormungand's first season. Quite funny how he ended up as the baddest of them all.

In reality, people in that profession don't want to be known. Let's face it, notoriety is a bad thing if you work for an arms dealer. You don't want people after you, recruiting you or trying to kill you which Wiley never seems to be troubled by. Standing at the apex, his discretion and quite character is exactly why this episode was fun to watch.

Pure enjoyment. Wiley was a little crazy, just like....well, Wiley Coyote. It was comedic and cool at the same time and we got to learn a little about him. His and Lehm's history is one of the better backstories for me because it works so well with his character and receiving Lehm's praise only shows more of his awesomeness. He also comes from a different background, which goes with the whole idea of the international crew.

At it's core, this was a breather episode. Not really standalone because we discover more about a character, but not plot progressive. In any case, we now know the entire crew's story and we can move onto the final arc(s). Five episodes left means there's something big coming that involves most of the characters we've met. If the preview is any indication, the story will bring together Dr. Miami, Kasper and Koko for a huge project that has been foreshadowed for some time.

This was a fun episode of Jormungand. As the series enter's the final stages, I have faith in it pulling off something spectacular with the story. Jormungand Perfect Order really has outdone itself.

Final Note: Grape Soda Is there meaning to this