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Confusion fits this episode almost too well.

It's not really fitting to dwell on the quick resolutions to Jormungand's arcs. Even if this season has adopted a less episodic format from it's prequel. with such a large cast and a semi-continuous plot "premature" endings are to be expected. As I write that, even I must question the abruptness of this episode.

Make no mistake, this is still a 100% (almost) faithful adaptation of the Jormungand manga. Baffling isn't it The one time you could assume a lack of clarity to be because of omission and it still just as it happened in the manga. For me, it was one of those cases of being dumbstruck, followed by a reread and rewatch of the episode and the chapter of manga just so I can make more sense out of it. Still.....it kind of works.

We were dealing with Japan's greatest spy after all. When you think spies, it's almost same as thinking about a con artist from Oceans Eleven or Hustle. Essentially, both of these professions require a lot of smoke and mirrors and a hell of a lot of confusion on the viewers part. From that point of view, it made sense.

Tojo's did however end up getting the short end of the stick with his back story. Two dedicated episodes and we still didn't learn much about his past with the SR. A pity and inequality when compared to R's extensive back story being brought to light. That said I do understand why we didn't necessarily learn all that much about him; reasons include that spies know less and R's importance can be seen as more significant. Without much of a back story, we did get to see a lot of present day action from Tojo which we haven't seen for most of the cast, so it all worked out in the end. Another way to look at it: Tojo didn't fit anywhere until he met Koko. Only loco Koko can gather misfits like these.

The arc went off with a blast! Plenty of high octane car chases and guns blazing to lead the way to the next arc. Not a bad way to end, and we get a little more Kasper into the story. Just with this arc, Kasper's coming into his own as a pseudo puppet master of Jormungand: Perfect order. He made an appearance in season one, but if there wasn't a season two he could have been remembered as just a cameo.

What's next for Jormungand: Perfect Order Well it's Wiley's turn next. Continuing the exploration of all those characters who didn't get enough screen time, Wiley will be the focus next episode. In some ways this new pattern is almost like Jormungand season one's episodic nature, but because we learn about the others it's fun.

Final Note: It's at this point that I don't know what happens next. There are 3 volumes/20 chapters left of the manga to be adapted in the remaining 6 episodes.