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It really is time to attack.

Jormungand: Perfect Order keeps impressing me in the way that it's taking a different approach from the first season. This episode had almost no Koko in it and brought back Kasper whilst exploring Tojo, one of the characters we know almost nothing about.

Surprising in a way isn't it Koko was the central focus of almost all episodes last season and now her role in the story has been cut down drastically. If there wasn't such a large cast of characters, it would be an unprecedented move but it's because we know close to nothing about her crew - Valmet and Jonah are excluded - it works very well.

There is a lot of preparation here in anticipation of the next big fight. After a quick conclusion to the Hex arc, which didn't have the same detailed preparation as this arc already has, it's good to see actual thought being put into this fight and it also allows Tojo to show his personality.

Tojo is clearly the book smart one of the crew with a vast knowledge that is displayed by overly extensive explanation of the current situation. A little too long for my taste - I felt like Jonah falling asleep - and for some reason that part of the episode is the most memorable. We aren't discovering much about Tojo's past, though I sense that may come later if he ends up confronting his former boss. This is closer to a spotlight role, in that it's his time to shine and show off his worth.

Kasper & Co were also brought into the story, almost as if setting up for their big roles. Much like Koko, Kasper is a big personality and he too is shrouded in mystery. What I'm interested in seeing is whether he'll have a more prominent role for the rest of the series or if he'll just be big in this arc and then disappear. In any case, he's the instigator of this arc's fight and he could very well end up as the main focus down the line.

Jormungand: Perfect Order has settled into a groove. This arc already appears better organized with ample preparation and we're finally learning about the other characters. Approaching the half way point of this season, Jormungand shows no signs of deviating from the manga and could end up animating the entire thing.