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Whenever I see a sequel to an anime I enjoyed I'm excited. Jormungand is one of the few that I'm more excited for than the newer series in this packed and high quality Fall season.

Getting back into this action series wasn't hard at all with this episode. Unlike many of the other series this fall, Jormungand didn't throw us back into craziness of it all even with it being a sequel. Instead we were re-acquainted with our main cast, reminded of how (potentially) evil Koko is and then the foundations of this seasons plot were laid down alongside a new character introduction.

The reminder of Koko's evil nature may have been an annoying habit picked that spilled over from the first season, but the context in which it was presented was different and gave us something new. For one, we got that perspective from someone who's been part of her crew for some time, and even if he is a double agent, all that time didn't help improve his understanding of Koko. When you also factor in the symmetry of her and Dr. Miami's actions, that was another twist on a familiar go-to plot point and it was an eye-opener to see a character I initially didn't consider to be important. You might also recall all the character build-up we got for Koko in the previous season, for which this also served as a recap.

As I mentioned before, Koko's character wasn't the only thing brought into the spotlight. We got a little more in terms of plot progression with both Black and R being at the centre of it all. There's a lot of mystery still surrounding what could happen but one thing is for sure, this seems like a more continuous plot with a mystery at its core. This is already something I can't remember being done well, if at all, in the first season and is what will differentiate this season of Jormungand from the last.

One of the things that hasn't changed is how educational the series can be. Jormungand's first season was more philosophical than educational, but there were times when the information came in abundance. This episode was a moment of abundance with all the information on the CIA and the mention of the Bersaglieri, with a literary reference to George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara. This is a particular aspect of the series that will either appeal to viewers or put them off and I personally belong to the former group.

Before wrapping things up with the first episode review, I'll also point out how Koko has yet another female enemy. Women are scary beings and I like how Jormungand has racked up a few 'chicas locas' at the pinnacle of which stands Koko. Hex plays a major role in the story (knowledge from manga) and if memory serves, she is the first nemesis to appear that genuinely hates Koko from the start.

Last Thoughts:

  • I love how the preview music hasn't changed.
  • Scarecrow-kun is still a hilarious presence.
  • The soundtrack is as rocking as it was in the first season. That French rap song during the rocket launch is great.