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T'is a sad fate being a Joestar.

I must admit blogging JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has become rather difficult.  Aside from attempting to express my enjoyment of the series, there isn't much I can say.  Even for this episode, all I can say is: "that was to be expected but boy was it fun."

Cars vs JoJo is an interesting fight.  As opposed to warrior vs warrior, it's closer to trickster vs trickster.  Joseph is the "cunning" one of the Joestar lineage and Cars admits to not abiding by the ways of the warrior, making this match up the perfect final battle.  Now each of these sneaky mean has to come up with new and ingenious ways to squeeze out a victory.  Not a problem, as we witness both of them at their most deceptive but first we're confronted by some drama.

The drama in the series has always been more amusing than serious.  Whilst at times it did come across as serious - Part I's ending mostly did that - the overall tone of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure makes it hard to view the tragedy in a serious light.  In the end, the drama in this episode wasn't meant to make us care but rather educate us on Lisa Lisa's past.  In tradition with all characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Lisa Lisa's story is one steeped in endless tragedy.  She lost her husband, her revenge lost her JoJo and then the man who raised her went down a dark path; all of this fits right in with the series, even if it does border on the over-dramatic.  Actually, the over-dramatic is what most people should have come to expect by now.

After the tale of Lisa Lisa, it was time for Stroheim to make a foolish mistake that would give Cars his second wind.  In a way the reason for Lisa Lisa's background story, was for enough time to pass in order to allow Car's quick return.  Now we wait for the final showdown!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Episode 25 Preview

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