JoJo's Bizarre Adventure The ANIMATION – 17

Is it me, or was that a little tame for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

So far JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has been over-the-top. I’d go as far as to say, it was the selling point of the series. You wouldn’t watch this series without an appreciation for gag-like action. That makes this episode that much more disappointing in a sense.

It just wasn’t as fun as usual. JoJo’s first fight after his power up felt a little boring. There was a lack of grandiose over-exaggeration that we’re used to. It ended up being a lesser version of the usual JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure action scenes. Since they tend to be based on not-so-witty banter and craziness of the main character, the episode had no chance of recovery.

Whilst there was an attempt at some of the usual back-and-forth between JoJo and Cars, it didn’t click with me. It was fine. Not what you’d expect from a first fight after the main character goes through a power up – possibly a good time to use a more generic shonen battle.

Now it’s clear that even the almighty JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can’t escape a mediocre episode. I’m just surprised that the training episode ended up being more fun, considering how much more of a transitional episode that was. This episode felt more like a transitional episode in some respects, but not with the content of course. A transitional element still remains, since we’re moving onto the next battle of the series. AC/DC was the opening act for a revenge battle against Wham and the eventual final act that is Cars.

On another note, the first volume BD/DVD sales are fantastic! Combined BD/DVD already place the series as second most commercially successful series to start airing in the Fall 2012 season. Nice to know that the Japanese have opened their hearts to the series.

Final Note: If you watched the version with the TV ads, the manga Terra Formars had a commercial.

  • gravethestampede

    This battle was more analytical than the others so far, a battle of minds I guess you could say, there was less hitting stuff this time around. I'm guessing you haven't read the manga in awhile, otherwise you probably would've seen this coming. It wasn't the most entertaining battle yet (so far that would be Jojo vs Santana), but when Wham gets off his fanny eventually I'm sure things will get far better.

    • azeriraz

      It has been a while since I read the manga. I guess there was a reason why I forgot this particular fight. Wham vs JoJo should be great to watch.

  • Vargistan

    While I won't disagree with you in your general point (the Eshidishi fight is the weakest of the pillarmen fight in my opinion), I will say that Jojo is the only series in which the foe can pop up his toenails to send forth veins that spew burning blood and still be termed not as over the top as expected.

    • azeriraz

      Well said. Jojo's trademark is the over-the-top style, which works for it so well.

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