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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II: Wilder, Louder and Crazier. I would have said "Bizarrer" also but that isn't a word and I don't want my parents to think I squandered their money with my education.

Enter: Joseph Joestar. Clearly wilder than his grandfather, the deceased Johnathan Joestar, and by no count is this young man a gentleman. I mean his background music is rock 'n' roll, perfect for beating down on police officers and using his ripple to crush their fingers with bottle caps.

In an expected - to those who've read the manga - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has transitioned from Part I to II in grand style. Our new protagonist is crazy and loves to throw down, making him the perfect act to follow our first gentlemanly Joestar male. Honestly, this episode was insane!

Only JoJo's Bizarre Adventure would live out a dream I didn't know I wanted to live. Apparently on some level I always wanted to get my grandma's approval - best Erina moment ever - to beat down a racist mafia underlying and be applauded for that. Not only that. Then taking out a Tommy Gun in New York City just so I can enact my revenge on someone who has turned into a vampire.

Joseph Joestar is so lucky! He's living the dream. A dream I didn't know I had until I watched this episode. Speedwagon on the other hand, is plain unlucky. After suffering through Part I of the series, he ended up being useless yet again. Once when JoJo (the current one) had to save him and yet again when he couldn't use his fortune.

Notice how JoJo's Bizarre Adventure likes to keep things in the family The first villain is already someone we know. Sad....no, it's great because we don't need an overly complex introduction. We dive straight into the action without a second thought.