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It's only fitting that we take time to learn lessons about manliness from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Real man lessons for all you wannabe's out there included in this post.

I've always been a stickler for the old school. Sean Connery over Daniel Craig, whiskey over vodka etc. Not surprising that I would find great joy in the manliness of the characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. So what does manliness entail in the world of JoJo

  • Honour - Nowadays an extinct principle, honour is what defined a true man back when it meant something. Honour amongst men is what lead to respect amongst men and translated into any competition (not just battles/duels). JoJo is clearly a man of honour and this was recognised by another man of the same caliber, Bruford. If I've learnt anything from reading/watching action series, it's that the way a man dies is more important than what he does throughout most of the series. Bruford left the world a man of honour, because another man of honour showed him great respect.
  • Romance - Manly romance is the pursuit of something meaningful, or simply an adventure. Zeppeli's pursuit of knowledge for the sake of taking down the stone mask is the apex of male romance. The journey may be tough, but that's no reason to through in the towel.
  • Courage - All men fear. Fear is not something to avoid but something to stare down and overcome in order to step up to the occasion. Pocco may have been scared and he may have been left with a few broken bones but he stepped up at the perfect time.
  • Sacrifice - Every man thinks about his own future, however a true man is one who thinks about everyone else's future. The true man is willing to sacrifice himself all for the sake of his comrades, his loved ones or a better world. Zeppeli is on that path and he's fully accepted that responsibility with the utmost grace.
  • Pointless Commentary - This has nothing to do with manliness. Speedwagon hasn't been mention, so I figured I'd throw this one in just for kicks.

There was a real sadness to Zeppeli's flashback sequence and final scene. He's been a hilarious yet great character with a lot to offer, so I'll definitely miss his presence. It's unfortunate that he'll end up as the first casualty in the battle against Dio, however there is an air of coolness surrounding him. He'll be missed for sure and the next episode should bring about some emotional moments.

I still JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Very few anime for which I've read the manga manage to give me such joy but JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hits all the right spots. The series is still on track complete Part I of the manga soon, before moving onto Part II. Needless to say, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is now my weekend treat.