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I'm back from my hiatus and I'm getting stuck right into Hunter x Hunter! A huge bunch of people fall prey to the Bomber's deceit in Hunter x Hunter, which I saw coming to be completely honest. We also notice some super strong people protecting the island as one of the protectors eject the Spiders from the island with ease, so this confirms that the game is actually a real island after all. However on the flip side this shows how weak Gon and Killua are in comparison to the people on the level of his father (I'm assuming the person protecting the island is similar in strength to Gon's father), and they seem worlds apart! Meanwhile Killua has left to go and finish the hunter exam in hunter x hunter, but is being delayed since the main part of the exam doesn't start for a few days.

Seeing how the bomber mass murdered a ton of players in one swift move after stealing their cards; it makes me feel that the Bomber's main job is to clear out the players, especially since you can't have a new player enter unless a player exits or dies in-game. So maybe the Hunter x Hunter Bomber group are actually being contracted to open up more slots in the game It would not surprise me if that was the case. (Please note I have not read the manga!) Also the bomber now is closer to finishing the game and that is exactly what the rich owners of the game machines want. I wonder what the one card someone can take out the game is Also couldn't they just visit the island from outside and take the card, or is that impossible like how the Spiders failed trying

This episode was somewhat slower than the last few but all in all still interesting. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in Hunter x Hunter 66 when Gon visits the cave where the bomber slaughtered the group; I'm also interested in the Conjurer who escaped and tricked Gon. I wonder why he lied to Gon