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Seriously, more people should be watching Hunter x Hunter because these two episodes were fantastic.

It's back to the basics with these two episodes.  The series is finally cashing in on some of the built up dread it's been hoarding and by doing so has brought back the unrivalled violence we see in episode 85.  Kite losing his arm came swiftly and effortlessly as Hunter x Hunter pushed ahead with the story, taking out a main character for the arc and then introducing some new ones.  It wasn't until the end of the episode where we saw Kite's head on Neferpitou's lap that really sunk in how serious things got.  Nevertheless, the in-between also contrivuted greatly to the new build-up we're about to focus on.

As with the chimera ants making the first move, the Hunters respond by sending Chairman Netero accompanied by Morel and Knov.  Two new faces to give us a little more diversity and most likely increase the scope of the fights beyond that of just Gon and Killua and a high standard at that.  We also learn in the next episode they bring a little more to the arc with their disciples.

Anyhow, the episode was filled with that dread and despair we know and love.  With just one move, Hunter x Hunter has put us on alert as we continue further into the Chimera Ant arc.
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Then we got episode 86, and with it some new and old faces.

Official introductions for Knuckle and Shoot, the disciples of Morel.  Two characters set to give us some exciting action in future episodes, and in Knuckle's case, bring in some of that Yu Yu Hakusho humour and appearance to Hunter x Hunter.  A type of loveable idiot character Togashi-sensei is famous for using in his first work, fans of which will be delighted to see as a bonus.

We were also introduced to Palm - could be mistaken for Sadako - and she too brings comedy at the current point in time.  A different type of comedy, that may or may not have to do with her crush on Gon and her overall appearance being so over-the-top.  That'll change later on but for now her existence serving only comedy isn't the worst thing.  Especially when we consider the training arc that is upon us.

Yes it is another training arc - hence Biscky's return - but this one should be considerably shorter than the last one.  Unlike Greed Island, which was centred around the training arc, this latest one should be quick and short given the emergency of the whole situation.  It's a quick power up for Gon and Killua as opposed to a drastic evolution.  In the mean time, the hunters are slowly planning out their attack plan as another King's Guard appears; Shaiapouf.

Already we know we'll be in for quite the fight.  Netero admits to being weaker than Neferpitou, signalling the overwhelming power of this arc's enemy.  We haven't even seen the king and already his guards are intimidating enough.  Hunter x Hunter always has interesting villains, and that continues to be the case here as we build up the suspense with each episode of the arc.

Hunter x Hunter Episode 87 Preview

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